Dell R410 BIOS upgrade on Debian/Ubuntu using OMSA 6.5

Posted in Uncategorized by erralt on 29 août 2012

Follow these instructions :

or this link

There isn’t the lastest firmware in the repository ?

Get it from here :

Enter your Service Tag and after download the latest DELL Bios a .BIN file.

Put it in a Fedora or CentOS or RedHat distribution. Maybe you could do a « yum install wget » if you’re using a live CD/DVD.

bash BIOS…BIN and don’t press any key.

open a new terminal,

The hdr file will be at /tmp/BIOS*/payload/*.hdr

Patch the Dell tools using these patches :

Patch :

Patch :

root@node1:~# dellBiosUpdate -u -f PER410-010900c.hdr
Performing BIOS update...
Update successfully staged. Reboot the system to begin BIOS update.
No reboot option specified. The --reboot option is highly recommended.

Benching Riak with basho_bench

Posted in Uncategorized by erralt on 18 juin 2010

I made some Riak bench with basho_bench.
Our cluster is made with two nodes.

We wanted to simulate our production environment with about 150 requests/min with a mean data weight at 400 000 bytes.

Here are the bench graphs :